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Stand by Me – Rap

In this project students create their own rap song built on the famous song Stand by me, originally performed by Ben E. King. Students will be introduced to the musical term ostinato and get an opportunity to play the song famous ostinato by ear. This project is suitable for students from 10 to 13 years old.

  • I recommend you take few minutes to talk, listen and play before you hand the tablets to your students.
  • Start by playing Ben E. Kings version of the song to your students and ask them if they recognized the repeated bass line of the song. Explain to them that this is an
  • Sing the song with your students so they get to know it. Make sure they know the chorus well.
  • If you have xylophones, keyboards or other melodic instruments in your music room that students are familiar with, ask them to try to play the bass ostinato of the song, starting on C.
  • Help them as needed but make sure they get the time they need to figure as much out as they can by themselves.
  • Discuss with your students how many beats per second the song has.
  • Now it´s time to open the Figure application and follow the instructions of the following video.


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